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Radiqal is a software product’s and services company with over 50 man years of management and over 200 man years of development experience. Recognized for strong technical and leadership skills, we have been a high end – niche market solution’s company and have time and again delivered cutting edge solutions for our customers.

We nurture ideas from inception to completion. Radiqal has a state of the art software research, development and support facility in India.

In todays cost competitive market place, innovative thinking is the fuel to survival and success. We pledge to augment our client’s domain expertise by providing “RADIQALLY” different solutions, in-turn giving them a competitive edge.


Our Systems Design and Development expertise are in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Gaming and Wagering, Mobile Development, Interactive TV, Video on Demand, Content Delivery, Broadcast Satellite TV, Hospitality, Carrier Class GSM Service Provisioning and B2B – B2C products and services.


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Parag Amin

Co-Founder and Partner At Radiqal

He has over eighteen years of experience in software design and development, cutting edge communications protocols, high availability database architecture, niche market solutions and business systems analysis.He is an invited member of the Expert Advisory Group of GIFT, a private/public partnership designed as a hub for the global financial services industry.

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Venu Krishnamoorthy

Co-Founder and Partner At Radiqal

He has more than eighteen years of experience in the field working extensively on digital television, networking, database, and web technologies. His expertise include working with iTV technologies and technologies/standards such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DSM-CC, ATSC & DVB. Video On Demand Gateway(VOD)technologies on a single client platform (US Patent Application No : US2003088876).

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Vijal Sheth

Director of Development at Radiqal India

Vijal has over 10+ years of experience in Web technologies.At Radiqal, India, Vijal has designed and delivered various event registration and reservation systems for our clients.She has also designed and delivered an affiliate business management tool for one of our clients in the US.She is actively involved in improving Radiqal's Slotmaster product for the gaming industry.


CMAS-Casino Management and Accounting System

Carnival ,is an American-British cruise company and the World’s largest travel leisure company, with combined fleet of 100 vessels across 10 cruise brands. It runs 3 to 16-day voyages to The Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, New England, Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Europe, Cuba, Pacific Islands and the Mexican Riviera.

Casino Management and Accounting System is deployed in all casinos in the fleet managed by Corporate Casino and data is consolidated into a single instance at Corporate Casino. This system will allow the collection and reporting of Casino financial data.

CMAS-Casino Management and Accounting System was developed as a replacement for CFS(Casino Financial System) with greatly enhanced functionality and for implementing it in all casinos corporate-wide to improve the effectiveness of managing the operation and to make the reporting processes more efficient.


SLOTMASTER – Slot and Player Accounting


Slotmaster is a web-based interface that makes fast, seamless data management easy for you with its data collection capabilities and marketing -reporting tools . It helps you track player activity in real time, track player demographics and preferences, and use data to customize and manage awards. Designed for remote management of multiple locations , it uses flexible state of the art technology hich allows sending credits through the system to the slot machine. Also, a patented technology which enables high speed data transmission via existing power lines so there is no need for costly wiring.


SMAC – Scalable Multi Asset Catcher (Content Delivery / VOD)

Content from various content providers enters a cable plant using multiple transport mechanisms like proprietary catchers (HBO), live streams (ESPN), FTP (DGSystems), etc. Content is then encoded and stored on a centrally located NAS. Based upon delivery and play schedules, the content is then transmitted to MSO sites using transports like Satellite (KenCast/IDC) or Terrestrial (Private Backbone).


ENC Manager enables a VOD package to get preprocessed prior to being delivered to a catcher at a head-end. Application processes request for VOD packages that have to be tagged and encrypted and/or have trick files generated. The process of tagging involves parsing through an MPEG-2 transport stream and generating a tagged file which will contain an indicator on certain MPEG packets to indicate to an external system which packets are to be encrypted.Process Integrates with Motorola Off-Line Encryption Station (OLES) for actual encryption of the file after it has been tagged. It also integrates to the SeaChange Encryption and Trick File Server (ETF) for processing of trick files.The ETF will be passed the location of the unencrypted asset so the appropriate trick file can be generated. Upon successful completion of these tasks, application adds the metadata for the new files that are generated by OLES and/or ETF to the input CL 1.1 ADI XML document to be pitched to a remote Catcher.

VIDEOACTIVE – Hospitality Industry VOD and T-Commerce Solution

Video Active is an end to end Video-On-Demand and T-Commerce application for the hospitality industry. Video Active sounds the death knell of plain vanilla TV as encountered in most hotel rooms today. It injects the power of T-Commerce, T-Services, High Speed Internet and Digital Video on Demand in the existing TV network of your hotel. All through your existing cable. It enhances the guest experience.

VIAB – VOD In a Box (Complete VOD solution)

VIAB (VOD in a box) provides an integrated solution for delivery of OnDemand video content with full support for trick mode controls. The product is ideal for small MSOs and for applications like delivery of linear content and AD insertion. It provides a singe box solution containing other robust Radiqal developed technologies such as the sMAC catcher, VOD streamer, business management, resource management and billing. VIAB is a single box integrated solution available at low cost.It is fully customizable,supports Industry standards,SNMP Compliant with majority 3rd party application for encryption.

E-Commerce Engine

EOTEL - B2B, B2C Commerce Engine

GSM/SMS CLEARING HOUSE – GSM Transaction Processing over SMS

RATI – Rapid Asset Transfer Interface (Content Delivery)

Real Time RFID Asset Tracking (IoT)

E-Commerce engine is a customizable, scalable, flexible Reservations Engine It can be used for Online Reservations ,Bulk Bookings and for Annual Contracts

Unified Messaging Server

Unified Messaging Server is a Windows Based Service which is customizable and Database Driven It can be used for Multi Transport,Faxing Services,Email Services,SMS Services,Paging Services, Custom Reports,Web Enabled Configuration and Data Interface.

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